Apollo Media Safes


The reaction of computer media (diskettes, magnetic tapes, floppies, flash drives etc.) to smoke and gases is very different from regular paper documents. Thus, it is imperative to adopt different security measures for them. Godrej presents Apollo Media Safes which are specially designed to offer fire resistance for various computer media.

Technical Information

Models External Height (mm) External Width (mm) External Depth (mm) Internal Height (mm) Internal Width (mm) Internal Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Volume (L)
Apollo 10 L 534 425 476 250 175 250 75 11
Apollo 53 L 698 555 661 400 305 435 155 53
Apollo 90 L 798 655 676 500 405 450 215 91
Apollo M 1875 820 800 1510 562 400 865 372



Designed to protect computer data and media from fire
Availability of 4 sizes to accommodate most of the applications
Adjustable shelves to suit all your requirements
Tested and certified in renowned international laboratories
High-security cylindrical locks for additional security
Trays/ Lockable drawers can be provided for model 90 L and Apollo M (on request)
Apollo Media Safes protect your data from Fire, Dust, Pilferage, Humidity, Magnetic field, Unauthorised access, Accidental damage,Electrostatics
Tested for 9 metre drop test

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