Stylised and equipped with LED display & USB data retrieval, the safe is ideal for protecting your valuables.

The electronic safe offers extra protection with its motorised shooting bolts. Also available are features such as a mechanical override option, in case the password is forgotten and USB data retrieval. Its LED display adds richness to the already sleek display.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 254 x 350 x 250
Body Thickness (Wall) 2
Body Thickness (Door) 4
Weight (kg) 11
Volume (litres) 15
All Dimensions are in mm
  1. USB data
  2. LED display
  3. Motorised shooting bolts
  4. Mechanical override
  5. Non volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low.
  6. Digital locking mechanism
  7. Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts.
  8. Enabled with a master password.
  9. Push-button keypad
  10. Opens with a 3-6 digit secret password
  11. Low battery indicator

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