Industrial Counting and Weighing Scale

SI-810 Industrial Counting Scale

The SI-810 is our Flagship Indicator for the Industrial & Automation market. Apart from simple Weighing, it boasts of a wide range of useful applications such as Counting, Check-weighing, Filling, Weight Logging/Recording, Print Formats, Relay Control etc. It comes with a very wide choice of Platform sizes and Accessories.

DC-810/815 Barcode Label Printing Scale

Powerful & Feature rich, yet a user friendly Counting & Check Weighing Scale with an Integrated Barcode Label Printer. It’s optional Wi-Fi LAN Connectivity enables seamless Integration with Customer’s ERP Systems.

DC85/DC851 Counting and Weighing Scale

A High Accuracy yet Simple Counting Scale with a Bright Green Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD). Offers high accuracies & precision very much needed for counting in Industrial applications.

DS-673 Splash Proof Weighing Scale

A Compact & Tough entry level Weighing Scale meant for Retail, Food Industry and all General Weighing Applications.