Industrial Weighing Scale

SI-810 Industrial Counting Scale

The SI-810 is our Flagship Indicator for the Industrial & Automation market. Apart from simple Weighing, it boasts of a wide range of useful applications such as Counting, Check-weighing, Filling, Weight Logging/Recording, Print Formats, Relay Control etc. It comes with a very wide choice of Platform sizes and Accessories.

DC-810/815 Barcode Label Printing Scale

Powerful & Feature rich, yet a user friendly Counting & Check Weighing Scale with an Integrated Barcode Label Printer. It’s optional Wi-Fi LAN Connectivity enables seamless Integration with Customer’s ERP Systems.

DS-450CW Check Weighing Scale

DS-450CW is an automatic Check-weigher and is an important Measurement device used in end-of-line Production units and Packing area.

DS-451 HP Industrial Weighing Scale

The weighing scale is ideal for sea food, pharmacy and chemical industries.

DS-451 Industrial Platform Weighing Scale

A high Performance Industrial Platform Scale engineered and built fully out of Stainless Steel SS-304.

DS-45OSS Bench Weighing Scale

DS-450SS is the perfect choice for the Food Industry, Engineering & Pharmaceutical Industry, which demands a high level of Hygiene & Low Maintenance.

DS-450 Table top Weighing Scale

A Compact & Precise Industrial Scale ideal for Manufacturing Operations. It features a Superior Industrial Design and an optional RS-232 Interface to Customer’s Host Systems.

DS-852 Weighing Scale

The DS-852 is the perfect choice for a high precision Table Top Scale and features a Green VFD Display.

DS-415N Bench Scale

The DS-415N features a unique & high visibility Green VFD Display, which is visible under any lighting conditions or Distance.

DS-415N-Platform Weighing Scale

Its wide choice of Capacity, Accuracy & Platform sizes along with multiple Interface Options and Accessories makes it easy to expand the usage and connectivity in any Industrial environment.

DS-315 Crane Scale

DS-315 is a Crane Scale which can be easily integrated into any Standard Industrial Crane. Featuring a large & Bright LED Display, it also boasts of a wide range