Weighing Balance

AJ-Series Precision Weighing Balance

Based on Tuning Fork Technology, the AJ-series offers Superior Performance &Precision much needed in Industrial & Jewellery markets.

MX-50 Moisture Analyzer

Measurement Method 400W straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter and SHS weighing technology

LF-225DR Semi Micro Weighing Balance

The LF-series comes with a very high precision of 0.01mg readability, much needed for advanced Research & Analysis.

HT-HTR Analytical Weighing Balance

The HT/HTR series is built on the highly Reliable Tuning Fork Sensing Technology

PG-FB-SERIES Precision Balance

A comprehensive range makes it an ideal and yet affordable choice for use in Jewellery & Laboratory Weighing.

DS-852G Precision Weighing Balance

Featuring a high precision Load Cell & Bright Green VFD Display, the DS-852G is the ideal choice for Gold Weighment in the Jewellery trade and wherever high precision Weighing is essential.