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A standalone billing printer with thermal technology, which can store upto 2000 items. It can generate 11 kinds of report. It can print 10 bills in a minute. It has the facility of 15 users login. Weighing scale connectivity is also available.

BP JOY Plus With Battery

    • Standalone Billing printer, works without a PC
    • Thermal printing technology
    • Stores up to 2000 items
    • 2 inch bill printout - Prints quickly
    • Generates 11 kinds of reports
    • 30 keys and 26 hot keys
    • 15 user logins
    • Billing done alphabetically or through item code
    • GST & Discount can be included as required
    • TAX 2 option also available
    • Generates Daily, Monthly and Yearly Sales Report
    • Stores data on items sold and bill amounts
    • Displays shop's name and message on bill
    • High reliability and Low cost of ownership
    • Maximum quantity which can be billed is 9999.999
    • Round off option
    • Price change
    • Amount in words
    • Coupon print is available
    • Data download through USB<