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Weighing Scale

BS-250 Baby Weighing Scale

Weighing New-Borns & Infants accurately is very critical in the Healthcare Industry. The BS-250 is an ideal choice for this application.

DS-252 Weighing Scale

DS-252 is a simple entry level Weighing Scale and features a dual Red LED Display. It comes with a choice of in-built or Pole type Customer & Rechargeable Battery, very much needed in busy Retail counters.

DS-852 Weighing Scale

The DS-852 is the perfect choice for a high precision Table Top Scale and features a Green VFD Display.

DS-65 Counter Weighing Scale

The unique Styling & Design of the DS-65makes it an ideal choice for Counter Weighment in Food counters such as Bakery, Sweet shops, Provision stores etc.

DS-415N Bench Scale

The DS-415N features a unique & high visibility Green VFD Display, which is visible under any lighting conditions or Distance.

DS-415N-Platform Weighing Scale

Its wide choice of Capacity, Accuracy & Platform sizes along with multiple Interface Options and Accessories makes it easy to expand the usage and connectivity in any Industrial environment.

DS-315 Crane Scale

DS-315 is a Crane Scale which can be easily integrated into any Standard Industrial Crane. Featuring a large & Bright LED Display, it also boasts of a wide range

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