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BP JOY Pro is a economical billing printer and a entry level product into RBP Segment. This product is suitable for small shops, Bakeries, Juice Shops and Cafes. This product stores 1100 items of your shop and can have 15 User logins. It generates 11 kind of reports which can be downloaded into a USB drive. For more enquiries- Please call us 9844019119


    • Prints up to 1000 bills/day
    • 15 user logins
    • Standalone Billing printer, works without a PC
    • Thermal printing technology
    • Stores up to 1100 items
    • 2 inch bill printout - Prints quickly
    • Generates 11 kinds of reports
    • Billing done alphabetically or through item code
    • GST & Discount can be included as required
    • Generates Daily, Monthly and Yearly Sales Report
    • Stores data on items sold and bill amounts
    • Displays shop's name and message on bill
    • High reliability and Low cost of ownership
    • Maximum quantity which can be billed is 999.999
    • Round off option - 50 Paisa/1 Rupee
    • Price change
    • Coupon print is available
    • Reports copy to USB pen drive using USB port
    • Data transfer from PC to billing printer through USB drive
    • Tamil Language printing option.
    • Bill wise Report
    • Day wise Report
    • Void bill Report
    • Item wise Report
    • Duplication bill Report
    • TAX Report
    • Item bill Report
    • Calculator bill Report
    • User bill Report
    • Yearly Report
    • Monthly Report

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